About Us

Real innovation requires experience, expertise and the ability to generate unique ideas from existing concepts.
The specialist coastal architects at Delamare Architects can help you design an original and creative living space.

Dedicated to providing high quality and enduring architecture, Delamare Architects is a boutique practice based in Auckland and operating throughout Northland and New Zealand. All of our designs are created by the most experienced senior architects so you can benefit from their years of accumulated knowledge. We strive to bring you innovative housing that respects and incorporates not only our ideas, but also your vision, the environment and the history of the setting.

From new homes to renovations and commercial, heritage, environmental and coastal architecture, Delamare Architects presents you with the highest standards of architectural excellence.

Delamare Architects undertook the design and consenting for our substantial bungalow renovation. David & Ed’s approach was considered and pragmatic. Whilst ensuring the heritage details of the bungalow was featured throughout, they were able to bring it out of the 1930’s and into contemporary living. With innovative ways of benefiting from the natural light and maximising space, these guys are creative problem solvers able to deliver on time and on budget. Highly recommend them.
Ivan and Diana

Architect Services

We offer the following Services generally described as:

1. Predesign
Assist client with Site Selection.
Bulk and location assessment.
Feasibility Study.

2. Preliminary Design
Provide Preliminary Design Drawings
Material and finishes selection
Rough estimate of Cost.
Consult with Building Authorities.

3. Developed Design
Refine Design Drawings.
Apply for Resource Consent.
Material, finishes & construction assessment.

4. Detailed Design & Documentation
Prepare detail documentation based on client approval
of developed Design drawings.
Apply for Building Consent.
Discuss Construction process.

5. Procurement Service
Obtain selected tenders from experienced contractors.
Evaluate and report on tenders.
Prepare Contract Documents for signing.

6. Contract Administration
Arrange regular site meetings.
Assess and certify payments made by
Client to the Contractor
Administer Contract

7. Observation of the Contract Works
Arrange regular weekly or fortnightly site visits,
to check compliance with contract documents,
Finishing standards and selected materials.

Should you require clarification of any points please do not hesitate to contact the Office.